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History of the Fort at Fort Payne, AL - DeKalb County Alabama


 Located at the east end of 4th Street SE in Fort Payne, Alabama, The Fort Payne Cabin Historic Site is currently under development  and will be open to the public by appointment only in September of 2013.

In 1837, federal troops arrived in Wills Valley to establish a fort for the purpose of removing the Cherokee from the area. The cabin site is part of local property seized by the military for Fort Payne, one of over 20 removal forts established in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina.  Research indicates the cabin belonged to a Cherokee, Spirit/John Huss, and was built circa 1825. Military documents show that Cantonment Payne existed in the fall of 1837, became Fort Payne by December 1837, and was a major emigrating depot by summer of 1838. The majority of Cherokees who were forced by the military to leave their homes in Alabama left from Fort Payne. A detachment led by a Cherokee, John Benge, departed the fort for Indian Territory in October of 1838 and the fort was closed soon after. The only Trail of Tears detachment originating in Alabama, the first 38 miles of the Benge Route from the fort to Lake Guntersville have been identified and marked. Although the fort was used for only about a year, the cabin continued in use until the mid 1940s. Today a chimney, the cabin foundation, a nearby stacked stone well and evidence of a road bed remain. The Cabin Historic Site is one of four sites in Fort Payne certified by the National Park Service as original components of the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.

To learn more about the Fort Payne Cabin Historic Site visit the Landmarks of Dekalb site.  

Historic Fort Payne Cabin                   Fort Payne Cabin Historic Site Chimney                Historic marker about Fort Payne's "Fort" stands in Union Park

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